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Introduction to version 2.2

Articles in this database have been specifically developed for SoftExpert Software S.A. customers and partners, and aim to provide all the essential information about the new features of SoftExpert Suite version 2.2.



In order to update to version 2.2, it is necessary to be in version 2.1.

If you do not have a version of SoftExpert Suite installed and are interested in the migration, please contact SoftExpert Software S.A. at vendas@softexpert.com

Refer to the System Requirements document to evaluate the requirements that must be met for SoftExpert Suite version 2.2.

Initially, the installation must be applied in a test environment. This step aims at validating the system installation process in the customer environment as well as to enable end users to validate their critical processes in an environment parallel to that of production.

It is advisable to evaluate the need for new training for application users. This training can be done through Education or by the hiring of face-to-face or remote consulting services.

Contact your business partner to evaluate the necessity.



Please be aware of the following restrictions before updating SoftExpert Suite:

  • SQLServer 2012 is being invalidated due to the end of its support to the system in July of 2022.
  • PostgreSQL 10 is being invalidated due to the end of its support to the system in November of 2022.
  • Oracle 18 is being invalidated due to the end of its support to the system in June of 2021.
  • Due to the end of its support to Ubuntu 18.04, which will happen in April of 2023, we are anticipating its invalidation.
  • SUSE Enterprise Server 12 is being invalidated as the system is outdated to use the application.
  • Activation key: The license keys used up to version 2.1 will remain valid, but if you wish to use the new components released in this version, request a new key to SoftExpert.



For more information and details about SoftExpert Suite installation and/or update, SoftExpert Software S.A. offers the following set of documentation:

  • System requirements: Contains all necessary software and hardware requirements to ensure SoftExpert Suite operation, both for workstations and server.
  • System Architecture: Contains details about the architecture as well as general information about SoftExpert Suite.
  • Installation Guide - Windows and Linux: Contains the necessary instructions to install SoftExpert Suite in Windows and Linux environments.
  • Integration Guide: Contains the specifications and technical criteria required for the integration of other information systems with SoftExpert Suite.


From version 2.2.0 onwards, SoftExpert Suite has two new installation methods for Linux and Windows.

Thus, new installations must use the new installers.

Updates can still be made in the environment if the installation was made through the traditional method.


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