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Actionable event discontinued

The actionable event resource has been discontinued from SoftExpert Kanban. However, the new Business rule component can meet this demand and offer even more features to automate events in different SoftExpert products, including the Kanban component.

With SoftExpert Business rule, it is possible to generate event tasks when switching steps or creating a new task. We are working to provide new automations in future versions to make daily user activities even simpler and more efficient. Do not miss out on our new feature!

To learn more about the new Business rule component, click here.  



New security structure

To improve access control, the record security now works with permission profiles. The user can create and manage profiles through a new menu, adapting them according to their specific needs. For example, it is possible to create a profile only with the list and view controls, or a manager profile with full access.

After creating the permission profile, you can associate it with the workspace, granting permissions to users, departments, positions, teams, reporters, and assignees. This approach simplifies security control and grants greater flexibility by not limiting access only to management and execution teams. These new dynamics significantly improve the visibility and management of access controls.


New workspace creation

To simplify the creation process, now, when creating a workspace, the user will be guided through the steps by a wizard that facilitates the configuration. The editing screen structure has also been improved to display the information more clearly.

In addition, adjustments have been made to the notification structure to enable new configurations, including notifications for specific users and teams. The column configuration has also been redesigned to facilitate the addition of new columns among existing records and to allow for adjusting their positioning with a simple click.


Multiple workspace

This new feature will aid in tracking tasks from different workspaces. This update allows users to view tasks for multiple workspaces on a single board, separating tasks by type or by a combination of type and workspace.

The multiple workspace creation process is almost identical to the process of creating a regular workspace, and it will have a wizard to aid users in all steps. The new record has a simplified structure and a specific security layout for editing and viewing.

After creating and configuring a workspace of this type, it will be possible to use it in the same way as the regular workspace: simply access the board and apply the workspace filter.

Task security will be defined by the workspace with which the task is associated. Despite using previously created records, the column structure may be defined independently, according to the needs of the user. To do so, simply configure it according to the flow steps.

For multiple workspaces, only the board version is available.



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