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Workflow - 2.2.2


Blocking the use of obsolete functions

From versions and onwards, new rules related to the use of depreciated formulas in the system have been implemented.

After December 31st, 2024, it will not be possible to start workflows if depreciated formulas are identified in forms or process activities. However, instances that are already under execution can continue to use the formulas with no interruptions.

From June 30th, 2025, depreciated formulas will completely cease to be executed by the system.

Refer to the version 2.2.0 SoftExpert Form release notes for further information on formula removal.



New section dedicated to comments

To improve the organization and viewing of information in our workflows, we have added a new specific section for comments. This update allows users to view, add, and manage comments in a structured way, keeping them separated from the rest of the activity history. 

The comment section provides a clear and accessible interface, promoting real-time collaboration and feedback exchange between team members. 

This resource is particularly valuable for teams that need a dedicated space for detailed discussions and specific notes regarding work progress, ensuring all relevant communication is easily accessible and is not lost in the information flow.


Workflow Management and View menu unification

Learn about the innovation in workflow management for this version: the View and Management menus are now combined in a latest-generation, unified interface. With a renewed visual identity designed to provide clarity and simplicity, finding the necessary features has never been easier.

Integrated features

With menu unification, all view and management features for workflows are available in a single location. This results in faster access and eliminates the need to browse between separate menus.

Simplified access

To access the new unified menu, use the WF022 code in the search bar. The new interface has been developed to guide users in a clear and intuitive way through the resources. Explore the new available options and customize your preferences to optimize your productivity.

Flexibility in the transition

We understand the changes can require an adaptation period. Thus, if the user prefers, it is still possible to temporarily switch to old menus while adapting completely to the unification. This option is available to ensure a smooth and comfortable transition for all users.


Restricting workflow reports to the selected record

In system version 2.2.2, we have implemented an optimization in workflow reports, restricting report generation only to the record selected by the user. 

This update aims to improve system performance, reducing processing time and focusing on a faster and more relevant delivery of information. Thus, users can access the necessary data in a more efficient way, without overloading the system with complex and extensive reports.


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